2018 Theme: 10th Anniversary Victory Street Party!


1940’s WWII Era Ball Hosted by Bob Hope!



5 pm

Early door for seniors/VIP, Pin Up Contest and anyone who wishes to attend the free Swing Dance lesson from 5-6pm (in hangar)


Miss Vintage US Pin Up Contest (Main Stage)



  • GA doors open, red carpet paparazzi arrival, cigarette girls hand out rations
  • 1940’s cars, WWII planes and military displays
  • Join us on the Homefront for a peek into craft-making techniques during WWII.  Take your own creation home with you!
  • Meet Walt Disney re-enactor and historian, Thomas Price! See his presentation: “Over There: Walt Disney’s Personal War-Time Experience.” Tango Tango Club Tent
  • Taxi dancing with 23 Skidoo!  Get a pro dance partner on the side of the stage!

6 – 6:30 pm

WWII Aircraft flyover and convoy arrival with the stars!  See Eisenhower, Churchill, Bob Hope and the Andrews Sisters (The Satin Dollz) land in a WWII plane while we get out the red carpet for their arrival into the event! Check out all of our planes HERE

         Satin Dollz perform, Eisenhower and Churchill announce the end of the war, Bob Hope thanks our WWII veterans in attendance!


6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

  • The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra

7:30 pm (Set break)  The Satin Dollz
8:30 pm (Set break) Swing dance performances with the Mercury Retros and 23 Skidoo
9:30 pm (during band changeover)   “Authentic Attire” Costume Contest!  Hosted by Dan Daru of Fox31 News and Raquel Villanueva

9:45-12:45 am

  • The Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra

  • 9:45pm The Satin Dollz perform with the Hot Tomatoes
  • 10-10:45 Frank Sinatra performs with the Hot Tomatoes
  • 10:45 Confetti drop, end of war celebration and group conga line
  • 11pm The Satin Dollz perform with the Hot Tomatoes

Rick’s Cafe Americain hosted by TBA

(Hangar Stage Entertainment)

Roulette Table 6-11 (Winners announced on email list and Facebook the week following the event)

5 – 6 pm

Group swing dance lessons with Boulder Swing Dance

6 – 6:20 pm

Swing Dance Contest with 23 Skidoo

6:20-6:35 pm

Authentic Moroccan 1940’s Belly Dancers (Tribal Misfits)

6:35-9:35 pm

Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles Swing Dance Band

8pm – 8:15 pm

Swing Dance Performances with Boulder Swing Dance, 23 Skidoo and Denver Swing Project

9:35 pm

Swing Dance Performances with 23 Skidoo and The Diamond Dolls

9:45 – 9:55 pm

Frank Sinatra

9:55 – 11:55 pm

Jeremy Mohney Swing Dance Band

 Visit our Entertainment Page for Full Descriptions of the Artists HERE

“Don’t be afraid to get your boogie woogie on at this popular appreciation of the patriotism,
energy and upbeat grooves that earned this special time in history the title of the Greatest Generation.”
“Don your classiest dancing duds and join in this celebration of the style,
culture, music and spirit of the Swing Era.” – Josie Klemaier/Weekly Plus